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Welcome my Work Wall, please be kind and only say nice things about this website, otherwise your comments will probably just be deleted! 10:17, 19th July 2012
Hi nice work
A friend 13:57, 27th July 2012
Work, can't live with it, can't live without it!
The Philosopher 20:05, 31st August 2012
This site has now been moved to a new Mac Mini server, still the same info as usual though!
System Admin 11:36, 10th April 2013
I had a good week on North Rankin A last week, the Train 2 Glycol Contactor is now clean safe so that entry can be made by the crew fro Sulzar
Richard 14:06, 16th May 2013
Hi Richard, just browsing your sites again. Nice work as usual. Can you work out who this is?
dr32ms 20:04, 18th May 2013
Hi dad, today I found a Carpet Python eating one of my chickens, don't worry we didn't kill it, it has been relocated to a nearby reserve, with a full belly!
Ryan 18:52, 15th February 2014

04:48, 21st February 2014

21:55, 23rd May 2014
Hrm, a couple of visitors to shy to leave a comment! what a shame.
Richard 09:43, 26th November 2014

14:49, 8th March 2015
Hi Denis we can chat here, or I can make one of these on our password protected webpage, as this particular one is open to the public
Rchard 10:12, 10th April 2015
Better on ou web page
10:19, 10th April 2015
Better on ou web page
10:19, 10th April 2015

04:21, 15th June 2015

09:05, 3rd July 2015
qevsxboqazu 23:53, 12th July 2015

23:53, 12th July 2015
john 16:34, 4th August 2015

16:34, 4th August 2015

16:18, 23rd September 2015
Bradley 19:41, 23rd October 2015

19:41, 23rd October 2015

01:04, 26th December 2015
hi Majid what do think of this blog
Richard 14:02, 15th January 2016
Mark 22:47, 29th January 2016

22:47, 29th January 2016
Mark 11:23, 31st January 2016

11:23, 31st January 2016
Mark 16:42, 3rd February 2016

16:42, 3rd February 2016
gordon 20:27, 9th February 2016

20:27, 9th February 2016

12:19, 27th March 2016
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