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As of Monday 14/10/2019 this website has been moved to a new server, still in Gilgandra, the old Mac mini server has been retired after 7 years of faithfull duty
Richard 09:07, 17th October 2019

09:23, 28th October 2019

12:42, 1st December 2019

16:01, 23rd December 2019

18:59, 16th January 2020
Hi from Mel and Missy
Senaa 10:13, 6th February 2020

10:55, 6th February 2020

19:17, 19th February 2020

17:48, 2nd March 2020

10:23, 3rd March 2020

19:48, 20th March 2020

17:00, 28th March 2020
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